Box Trailers Sydney, Find Quality

It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, a box trailer can definitely come in handy.  If you are travelling on the road, chances are you’ll see dozens of box trailers, towed by everyday people just like you.  Box trailers quite simply are trailers that have sides on them, that securely ensure the gear you carry, is easily transportable.

To find quality box trailers in Sydney can be difficult, if you do not know where to look. Thankfully National Trailers are a reputable trailer manufacturer.

Whether you’re moving house, doing a clean-up in the yard or garage, picking up furniture or other heavy duty items, a box trailer will help you do all of these effortlessly.  All you need is a tow bar, and with a box trailer, you can move items from A to B.

Some people also customise their box trailer for work or recreational uses – check out all of those camper trailers you see on the roads of a weekend.  Often, these were created by customising standard box trailers.  That’s something we can do too!

Box Trailers Sydney: Custom Built

It’s always best to do business with a reputable name that specialises in box trailers in Sydney, you can find a quality box trailer with us here at National Trailers.
We provide you with a fantastic range of brand new box trailers in sydney that feature the following:

  • Heavy duty
  • 100% Australian made for Australian conditions
  • 40 x 40 x 3mm angle all around
  • 75 x 50 x 2.5 drawbar
  • 5 lift spring
  • 39 round axel
  • Ford hubs with 14″ wheels

We can also customise your box trailer to suit whatever use you have planned for it – whether you require specific dimensions outside of the standard, cages, etc.  We can even customise your box trailer, to enable it to function as a camper trailer.

In addition to box trailers, we also provide you with a range of trailers outside of the box trailer classification.  It’s why we are an in-demand Sydney business for box trailers and other trailers commonly used here in Australia.

Your search to find quality box trailers in Sydney can now be finished, make sure you call us today for a no obligation free quote!

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