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Cable Trailer

A Cable trailer is an important piece of equipment used for a variety of maintenance work. With the help of this kind of equipment, tasks like electrical utility work, pole construction and other such similar tasks are done smoothly. Many buyers opt for renting or buying used cable trailers, but for a better work performance it is highly advised to avoid this. There are many advantages that come with a custom built trailer one and thus should be taken into consideration.

Why go for a custom made cable trailer?

With the option of custom made ones, a buyer has the ability to make a cable trailer in the style they feel fit for the work they do. Besides this, there is also an option to make it fit for the number of people which the buyer has working under them.

Not all buyers employ a lot of people. In such a case, it is seen that only two or three people are working to load the trailers to the respective vehicles. When a buyer opts for a custom made one then, he can make the trailer weigh appropriately. This will allow the loading process to be done easily by one of two men in just few minutes, irrespective the condition of the ground.

With custom made ones there is an option to get a cable trailer of the latest engineering standard. Besides this, customizing the trailer according to the need of the buyer will help the buyer to effectively solve the common on-site problems that they usually face.

All these advantages will not be there if they opt for renting, buying second hand or buying from the catalog. So, in such a case the buyer has to change his working methods to fit the purchased cable trailers.

Why choose us?


We are able to customize the cable trailers according to a buyer’s requirements due to modular construction. All the materials used for manufacturing of each and every cable trailer are of the highest quality. So, each one of them is very durable. Thus, a buyer can enjoy working with our trailers for a long time without having to worry about repairing and replacing any parts.

With our 100% Australian made customized trailers, a buyer can enjoy properly working equipment made for the Australian conditions especially. All cable trailers made by us will run smoothly and will not jump no matter what is the condition of the ground. We also make sure that each one of them has an impressive load carrying capacity.

We believe in providing custom made trailers that are cost effective. So, for this reason we charge a reasonable price. Here we also want to mention that, we deliver all over Australia within the fixed time of delivery without a fail.

No matter what a buyer is looking for, we can cater to their need by providing the best custom made trailers. So, if anyone wants to enquire about them and want our help then, do contact us. We are here to help everyone by providing a cable trailer made just for them which will help them to perform their work effectively and also quickly.

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