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Tradesman Trailer

Tradesman Trailer by National Trailers features the following:

  • 2100MM X 1200MM X 1200MM HIGH
  • 2 Lift Up Door With Gus Struts’ On The Side
  • 1Door On The Back
  • 75X50X2.5 DRAWBAR
  • 2nd Hand Wheels Ford Hubs
  • Flash Mounting Lock
  • Checker plate floor
  • Led Lights

Tradesman Trailer to Enhance Your Business!

Purchasing a tradesman trailer in Sydney is a smart option in situations where your business demands that you haul certain equipment or tools regularly. Our trailers can arrive according to your specific requirements, as we have several different options that are available upon request. We can manufacture a customized trailer for a wide variety of different trades, including welding, landscaping, catering and any other trades that needs a specialized hauling trailer.

We possess a wide range of tradesman trailers available for sale, which suit every single tradesman need, from completely enclosed trailers to trailers with canopies and removable lids.

When picking your tradesman trailers in Perth, it is essential to keep in mind where the entry points are going to be placed and what kind of door your desire. In addition, you can consider the kind of tool to store things in and how to access them. Plus, consider the trailer’s ATM to meet your trading needs.

Extraordinary features in every trailer

As standard features of our trailers, we include a checkerplate floor and mudguards, RHS all around, two lift up doors with Gus struts on their side, 1 back door, 5 lift springs and more! We have a variety of optional upgrades and extras for all tradesman trailers. These trailers are sturdy, durable, and have been created to last. All of our creations are Australian owned & operated.

We, at National Trailers & Campers, provide you the integrity, safety and reliability you would expect from a professional Australian-made product, as we fully stand behind all of our products by providing warranties on all of our new trailers, along with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Find a quality tradesman trailers in Melbourne at our authorized dealership. We provide high-quality trailers for tradesmen, along with other different popular styles such as box trailers and camper trailers to name a few. We have been creating reliable trailers for many years. You won’t find such quality trailers at a better rate anywhere in the country!

National Trailers & Camper – A dealership you can trust

At National Trailers and Campers, we take pride in creating trailers that last a lifetime. We hold a wide custom-made tradesman trailers in Queensland, along with other types of trailers as well. National Trailers and Camper is the leading tradesman trailers in Australia manufacturer. All of our reliable trailers are created according to the industry’s strictest standards, such as the Australian Safety Standards and Australian Design Regulation. We assure you – you won’t find such a superior deal on a trailer of our quality!

Our website allows for easy & quick online purchases, which is both secure & reliable. Our online ordering system has been created in a sophisticated manner by leading programmers, and in case you ever run into an issue, our customer support team is always ready to help! Go to our website or call us for a quote today!

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At National Trailers & Campers, we pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality Australian custom made trailers built to your desired specification – and we won’t be beaten on price!

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